March 13, 2007


I am still trying to figure out how to revamp this site. It is trial and error and truth be told, I do not like the new Blogger which is the old Blogger "beta." I find the options limiting and I am sorry I moved to the "layout" format. Nu? You live and learn.

Anyhow, to whet you apatites and prove I'm still alive, I offer you this tidbit that proves that emmes still exists in this word:

ZAKA head hits Neturei-Karta rabbi

I know I'm going to get comments condemning Jew on Jew fighting, but seriously... here's a man who has devoted his life to giving rest to those who have been murdered by Islamic terrorists. He had every right to haul off on someone who embraces them.

One last ditch effort: I am sending the petition IY"H after Pesach. Please sign it if you haven't already or pass it on. Thanks.

Excommunicate the Neturei Karta from the Jewish Nation