September 01, 2010

How about THAT!

Gevalt!  I just found out from my DNA testing which confirmed my J1 (Kohain lineage) that... get this... 

I am Sephardic!

Turns out my family fled Spain in 1492 and eventually settled in Europe.

Mind you, I'm a Yiddish-speaking, bagel-chomping, black hat-wearing Yid who wishes everyone a Gutten Shabbos and a freilichen Yuntif.  All my minhagim are Ashkenaz and I adopted some Yekkish ones from my Mom's side.

Oy, is my Zaide going to PLOTZ!

My take on this?  Blessed is Hashem for loving all of His Children equally.  Jews in Israel and the rest of the world need to break down divisions and ethnocentrism which pits Jews against Jews.

Rabbanan, Hav Lan V'Nivrich! 

August 18, 2010

Please tell me this is some sick joke...

Muslims in Spain campaign to worship alongside Christians

CNN writes:
Muslims in Spain are campaigning to be allowed to worship alongside Christians in Cordoba Cathedral -- formerly the Great Mosque of Cordoba.

Today, at the original Cordoba mosque in Spain, there is no call to prayer, only the ringing of church bells. That's because the former mosque is now a working Catholic cathedral, performing a daily mass.

It's been a Cathedral since Spain's Christian monarchy conquered Cordoba in the 13th century and more than a million visitors walk through its doors every year.

Depictions of Jesus' crucifixion hang underneath the distinctive red-and-white arches of what was once the Muslim prayer hall. Cordoba's dazzling "mihrab" -- the sacred alcove from where Muslim prayer is lead -- still stands as a separate part of the site and is one of the main attractions for tourists.

In fact, the site remains significant for Muslims as a symbol of Islam's golden age of learning and religious tolerance. The Mosque of Cordoba was once famed for allowing both Christians and Muslims to pray together under the same roof.

Now, some Muslims are trying to repeat that history. Mansur Escudero, a Spanish convert to Islam, is leading the movement that is pushing for the right of Muslims to pray at the Cordoba Cathedral.

"I don't think it's important for Muslims. I think it's important for humankind," Escudero says. "We think this is a beautiful paradigm of tolerance, knowledge, culture. People of different religions living together."

Seriously?  Is this a sick joke?  There is a mosque atop our Holy Temple Mount where Jews are not allowed to mumble a prayer let alone "pray alongside" our Muslim cousins.  Remember before 1967 when Jews were forbidden to ascend higher than the seventh step at Ma'arat Ha-Machpela?  That was a beautiful paradigm of tolerance.

How about the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul?  Once the seat of Christian Orthodoxy in the East, it is now a mosque.  Lovely.

Hey, anyone remember the Church of St. John in Damascus?  Of course not!  It's now a mosque, captured by Abd al-Malik during the Muslim conquest.  Again, real tolerant.

Think the Hindus have had it any easier?  Think again.  From Wikipedia:

"The destruction of Hindu temples in India during the Islamic conquest of India had occurred from the beginning of Muslim conquest until the end the Mughal Empire throughout the Indian subcontinent.  In his book "Hindu Temples - What Happened to Them", Sita Ram Goel included a list of 2000 mosques that it is claimed were built on Hindu temples. The second volume of the book excerpts from medieval histories and chronicles and from inscriptions concerning the destruction of Hindu, Jain and Buddhist temples. The authors claim that the material presented in this book are only the tip of an iceberg."
And now, of course, Muslims are pursuing the most tasteless of conquests: building a mosque near Ground Zero where the blood of three thousand kedoshim was spilled in the name of Islam.

When are people going to wake up?  So-called "tolerance" is just another excuse for more conquest.  I am willing to make a deal right now.  Give us full access to Har Ha-Bayit (we'll take the big domed building, you can keep al-Aqsa), let the Christians return to the Hagia Sophia and St. John's, give up your lust for lower Manhattan and then we can talk about praying together.

July 22, 2010

FANTASTIC! The Jewish Kefiya!

The Israeli Keffiyeh, with its intricate Star of David pattern in the center piece, and words AM ISRAEL CHAI (Jewish People Live) in Hebrew weaved into its fabric, this scarf illustrates a divine promise that the Jewish people are eternal.

Now anti-terror and Zionism can be as fashionable as terrorism and anti-semitism!

Please visit "the Kef's" online store HERE

July 12, 2010

I like this guy!

I stumbled upon Dr. Werner Cohn's various websites and blogs.  Very smart and articulate man.  Please check out his writings:

Prolegomena to the Study of Jews Who Hate Israel

Fringe Groups 

I Beg to Disagree

Check 'em out

July 11, 2010

Yahrtzeit of Aharon and Elazar tonight

Tonight is the Yahrtzeit of Aharon Ha-Kohain and his son Elazar Ben Aharon Ha-Kohain;

Oh how misguided we are!

"Koshersalaami" has a very misguided view on Israel and the Arabs in his post: "What I believe about Israel"

He says the following:
"I do not believe that Israel has the right to territory on the West Bank outside of Jerusalem. The Palestinian population has been there for a long time, isn't going anywhere, and needs a place to live. Encroachments on this territory without some sort of compensation, preferably in land elsewhere, cannot be anything but an obstacle to peace. I believe that Jerusalem is the exception because the last time an Arab government controlled it, Jews were denied access to their (our) holiest site. Since Israel has controlled that part of Jerusalem, Muslims have worshipped at El Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock continuously."
Check out the post and the responses including mine) HERE

July 10, 2010

A call to post on your blog


Please post this to your Israel/Jewish blog or website and let's show the world what real occupation looks like.

Learn more about the Kurds and their plight HERE

July 09, 2010

Those who actively try and destroy the Jewish people

There is a Xtian station on our cable that actively seeks funds to "spread the Gospel to the world but the Jew first." Their current campaign is to "minister" to the remaining Jews of India.

Here's their pledge hot-line number: (800) 895-6727

Give them a call (first listen to the insane recording) and let them know that Hashem doesn't favor those who try and bring the Jewish Nation to idol worship.

I did.

(more to come)

The Erev Rav at it again.

Oh to be there the day Hashem Yisborach Judges them!

July 04, 2010

Why we may lose...

It;s July 4th.  Americans are celebrating their Independence from foreign oppression.  I cannot, however, feel a bit sickened this holiday weekend.  I recently (re) discovered Stumble Upon.  It really is addictive.  I find myself pressing the little SU icon over and over just to see which websites and blogs are out there.  Each time it's like unwrapping a present.  I never know what I'm going to find.

Sometimes presents are wonderful.  Sometimes they stink.  Sometimes they can shatter your world.

My original title for this post was "Why we're going to lose..." but I decided against it.  What we need is a little education and getting back on the PR bandwagon to counter the propaganda of the Jew-haters and Israel bashers.  I like this little video.  Made me laugh:

That "man of the people" David Duke is now standing up for poor oppressed Arab.  The Mufti's minions are still alive I see.  What I find amazing is that this man's hatred for the Jewish People is so great that it actually eclipses his White Supremacy shtus.

Take a look at this gem:

Uploaded by kaliyug.

Are we that different? Racially and ethnically, not at all (sorry, Mr. Duke). My DNA testing has proven that I am genetically identical to any other Middle Easterner: Iraqi, Syrian, Jordanian. My Israelite, oh wait, my KLAN KOHAIN KASTE blood is the same as Arabs and North Africans. What DOES make us different is that my cousins want me dead and they want to see my homeland ethnically cleansed of Jews. So yeah, I guess we are different after all.  Did you like how they equated 9/11 with the American response to 9/11.  Classy.

No, what's making we want to hurl is the amount of self-hating Jews there are out there. That the bleeding heart Hebrews would jeopardize their own people to satisfy their liberalism.

Here's a sampling: (unwrap each one and savor).

Self-Hater #1
Self-Hater #2
Self-Hater #3
Self-Hater #4
Self Hater #5  (someone who thinks he's a rabbi)
Self Hater #6  (some people who also think they're rabbis)
Self Hater #7
Self Hater #8

And my Favorite Self Hater is...

This, my friends, is why we may lose.  We are by far our greatest danger.  Jewish self-betrayal is the sleeping pill of the Liberal Jewish world.  It doesn't matter that the Arabs and so-called Palestinians want a Jew-free land.  It doesn't matter that these self-loathers write from their armchairs from occupied Indian land or secular Tel-Aviv.  They embrace those that want us dead.  Shame on them all.

But here's the good news.  There are responsible Jews out in cyberspace as well and they are leading the fight to win over the (bleeding) hearts and minds of our people.  While it may be fashionable to betray Israel and back-stab your brothers, I urge you all to check out the sites I link to on the sidebar.  May Hashem Bless them in all their endeavors and may He send us another Moshe Rabbeinu to grind up the Golden Calf and make our enemies drink.

June 25, 2010

David Abikzer - Birkat Kohanim

 the sidebar you will see a player that features a sample (partial) recording of Cantor David Abikzer doing Birkat Kohanim.  The recording was taken from a very old cassette I own.  Birshut Ha-Rav - if he wishes I will be more than happy to remove it.

Please support Chazzan Abikzer by purchasing his music HERE

This song (I think) can be found HERE

He and Rabbi Chaim Louk are fantastic Moroccan Chazzonim.  I spent many a Shabbos with Rabbi Louk when he lived in Los Angeles.

Stop the Occupation!

 This is no joke.  We need to end the occupation.   


The fact that Turkey has the balls to triumph the human rights of the so-called "Palestinians" is not only sad but amazingly hypocritical.  Genocide against the Armenian nation was sick enough, but Turkey's long and suppressive occupation of Kurdistan barely gets a mention in the news.

I am calling on all my readers to start spreading the word.  Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq all occupy the homeland of the indigenous Kurdish Nation.  Within Turkey, Kurds are harassed and beaten.  When I was Istanbul I personally witnessed a Kurd talking at a pay phone only to be kicked and punched by a group of three or four Turks.  What was his crime?  Speaking Kurdish.

Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq are occupying a land that is not theirs.  It is time for Jews the world over to speak out against this brutal occupation and unmask the hypocrisy.


June 24, 2010

Myth and Facts

Stumbled on their website.  They are, of course, one of the oldest and most respected anti-Israel watchdog groups.  Their books are available (for free) online.

Myths and Facts

Read No Reply

Read This Land is My Land: Mandate for Palestine  (PDF)

From their website:  "The organization is devoted to research and publication of insightful subject matters regarding global U.S. interests, including the promotion of Democracy, Freedom and Human Rights, particularly in the Middle East. The objective being to provide policymakers, national leadership, the media and the public-at-large with information and viewpoints that are founded on factual and reliable content."

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