March 27, 2011

Stop the Desecration of the Temple Mount!

Read more about it HERE.

We need an international outcry!  Hoe can the world shed tears for the so-called Palestinians while out Holiest Shrine is being desecrated?  What would the world say if Jews or Hindus did this to the Kaaba?

Speak out!  Repost!  Raise the issue!

I am also looking for a holy brother and sister who lives in the Old City to establish a Temple Cam.  While the Kotel Cam is wonderful, the world should also have a window on Judaism's HOLIEST place!  Perhaps Shuvu Bonim will allow a camera on their roof?  Anyone want to help?

Anti-Jewish Racism on the Temple Mount

From Arutz Sheva:
“There is basic, racist discrimination on the Temple Mount. Jews are discriminated against on the Temple Mount, period. That's the situation.” So says Michael Fuah of the Likud's Jewish Leadership faction, which recently compiled its own report on discrimination on the Temple Mount after a State Comptroller's report was censored.

The Knesset has taken an interest in the Jewish Leadership faction's report, and the Internal Affairs committee plans to discuss its findings in a special hearing on Tuesday.

The Temple Mount discrimination “deals a blow to the values on which the state of Israel was founded, as a Jewish, democratic state,” Fuah told Arutz Sheva's Hebrew-language news service. The situation has worsened in recent months, he added.

Fuah described the discrimination: “Everyone who has attempted to ascend the Temple Mount knows the reality, in which everyone with a 'Jewish look,' a beard and kippah, experiences discrimination. He is pulled aside for extra checks while everyone else passes by unimpeded.” In addition, Jews are prohibited to pray at the site.
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For those who are confused, I will boil it down.
  • Islam occupies Judaism's Holiest site, the Temple Mount and turned it into a mosque.  Jews are forbidden to pray there.
  • Islam turned the burial place of OUR Forefathers and Mothers into a Mosque and forbade Jews from worshiping there.  One has to ask why the grave of Isaac and Jacob would be important to Arabs and Muslims as they claim descent from Ishmael, Isaac's brother.
  • Islam occupies the seat of Eastern Christianity's holiest site, the Hagia Sophia, and turned it into a mosque.  Christians are forbidden to pray there.
  • Jews and Christians are not allowed within 50 miles of Islam's holiest shrine, the Kaaba, because, according to their prophet "Two religions cannot exist within Arabia."  Arabia has been ethnically cleansed of Jews and Christians though they ruled there and predated the Arabs.  I suggest reading this great book:
  • The exact "hadith" is:  "Yahya related to me from Malik from Ibn Shihab that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, "Two deens (religions) shall not co-exist in the Arabian Peninsula."
    Malik said that Ibn Shihab said, ''Umar ibn al-Khattab searched for information about that until he was absolutely convinced that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, had said, 'Two religions shall not co-exist in the Arabian Peninsula,' and he therefore expelled the Jews from Khaybar."
  • Muslims destroyed two ancient Buddha statues in Afghanistan.
  • HUNDREDS of Hindu temples have been destroyed by Muslims or converted into mosques.  See THIS SITE
  • For a nice summation, see HERE.

March 25, 2011

You reap what you sow.

Excuse the treif source (the 700 Club). This is so laughable it's tragic. Europe murders half its Jews and then, to do tikkun, they open the floodgates.

You reap what you sow.

A Great Read!

THIS says it all.

Enjoy and Shabbat Shalom!

Time to Boycott the Boycotters...

Well, this is disturbing.

As a chozer b'teshuvah I was, of course, brought up in an irreligious, left-leaning Jewish household where Pete Seeger's songs played on the phonograph demanding we all overcome injustice. 

Well, good old Pete has decided to boycott Israel.

From the (self-hating) ICHAD website:

"February 28- Folk music legend Pete Seeger has come out in support of the growing Palestinian movement for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel as a program for justice for Palestinians and a route to peace in the Middle East.

Seeger, 92, participated in last November’s online virtual rally “With Earth and Each Other,” sponsored by the Arava Institute, an Israeli environmental organization, and by the Friends of the Arava Institute. The Arava Institute counts among its close partners and major funders the Jewish National Fund, responsible since 1901 for securing land in Palestine for the use of Jews only while dispossessing Palestinians. Although groups in the worldwide BDS movement had requested he quit the event, Seeger felt that he could make a strong statement for peace and justice during the event."
Well, Mr. Seeger, as I quickly learned as a youngster, liberal and leftist does not mean open-minded.  In fact, the most close-minded people I have ever encountered have been from the left.  Liberal self-righteousness may have worked in the 1960s and 1970s, but this is a new era.  You have chosen poorly.  You have sided with terrorists and Jew haters.  Because you reject Israel, I will now reject you.  I have been a longtime fan and own most of your recordings.  They are now headed into the garbage.

Yes, Mr. Seeger, "We shall overcome."

March 24, 2011

Please pray for the following victims of yesterday's Jerusalem bombing

Odelia Nechama bat Michal - suffered serious head injuries and is in intensive care. Her life is still in danger.

Natan Daniel ben Shulamit- a 17-year-old student who is in serious condition.  He suffered massive internal injuries and has had a number of internal organs removed.

Leah Bracha bat Shoshana- is a 19-year-old seminary student from Cleveland Ohio.  She suffered burns to her legs and arms as well as serious shock.

David Amoyal - David is the owner of the snack stand next to the bus stop.  He told everyone to run away and then called the police, and was on the phone with them when the bomb exploded.  He suffered injuries to his legs and feet and lower body.  He is in moderate condition.

Sasson ben Shulamit - This is the second time Sasson has been injured in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem .  He suffered lower body injuries and serious post-traumatic symptoms.

Ad Shapira - Ad is 18 years old and just about to complete high school.  She suffered light orthopedic injuries and is in good condition in hospital.

Shilo ben Ofra - Shilo is 15 years old, and suffered burns and fractures to his legs and lower abdomen.  He is sedated in intensive care.

Daniel ben Nurit - Daniel is 13 years old, and suffered lacerations and shrapnel injuries to his lower extremities, and is likely to be released from the hospital before Shabbat.

Elchanan ben Alona - Elchanan is 14 years old, and suffered serious injuries to his feet.  One ankle and three of his toes were crushed.  He has had one operation and will require more surgery.  He will likely be in the hospital at least 2-3 weeks.

Netanel ben Shlomit- Netanel is 18 years old and works as a security guard at the bus station.  He was injured in the abdomen had surgery.  He is now recuperating in the hospital.
May all Cholim experience a Refuah Shelaimah, IY"H!
Taken from the Bem Olam Haba site

Fight the Lies.

What is the truth about Islam's view of Israel and Zionism?  Take a look at these great posts and pass them along:.

Allah is a Zionist

Iraqi Author 'Aref 'Alwan: The Jews Have an Historic Right to Palestine


Friends, Yidden, Countrymen...

There are some fabulous pro-Israel, pro-Jewish blogs and sites out there.  I amassed a whole list of them, but when I switched to the "new" Blogger, they all got deleted.  I have been, one by one, putting links to them on the sidebar.  A very nice and always kind note came from one of my favorites: Neshama.  I was horrified to realize that I hadn't added her yet.  While that is now rectified... PLEASE! If there are ommisions, if you were once listed but are not presently, tell me!  I will be more than happy to add you.  It is not a slight.  It is just an oversight. 

Am Yisrael Chai!

Hooray for Hollywood!

This morning's Variety had the following when discussing TV shows being sold internationally:

"Fox Look has signed a licensing pact with India's Bulldog Media and Ent. for a Hindi-language version of its hit format "Beauty and the Geek."

A local Hindi version of the U.S. reality show, in which women pair up with "geeks" to win big cash prizes -- and perhaps love -- launches on STAR's Channel V this month. The localized version will also roll out to Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Maldives, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong." (emphasis mine)

March 23, 2011


Looks like Il Papa exonerated all Jews for the killing of their man-god. 

Well, not ALL Jews.

The BBC reports:

"Now we must ask: Who exactly were Jesus' accusers?" he says, as he considers Jesus' condemnation to death by Roman governor Pontius Pilate. He also asks why St John said Jesus' accusers were "the Jews".
"How could the whole people have been present at this moment to clamour for Jesus' death?"

Benedict explains how only a few Temple leaders and a small group of supporters were primarily responsible for the crucifixion. He believes John's reference to "the Jews" must have been towards the "Temple aristocracy", because Jesus had declared himself King of the Jews and had violated Jewish law."

So don't fear the wrath of Rome anymore Jews!  Apparently it was just us Kohanim that killed Jesus. You all forgive 2000 years of Crusades, Inquisitions and Nazi collaboration.  I'll be hiding in the root cellar.