April 18, 2005

So let's give away the farm.

IDF Predicts: War After Gaza Pullout

The Palestinian terror onslaught offensive is expected to resume in September, prompting the IDF's re-capture of cities in Judea and Samaria in the fall, and a re-entry to Gaza by early next year.

The IDF has given the code-name "Rainy Day" to the period following the disengagement/expulsion, which is scheduled to begin July 20 and end sometime in August. This name was chosen "not only because of the autumn winds soon to blow," writes military correspondent Haggai Huberman in HaTzofeh, "but also because of the military scenario foreseen by the army. "The army is calling it a 'security escalation' - in other words, a renewal of war with the Palestinians."


Anonymous said...

Just read a good book by Barry Chamish about the corruption in the Israeli government and the darkness behind the disengagement plan. He claims Peres is trying to hand Jerusalem over to the Vatican to make it an international city, etc. I'm a Gentile follower of Yeshua (Jesus) and support the Torah settlers. God gave this land to His covenant people, and any person or government attempting to divide it become enemies of the Most High.

Judah HaKohain said...

Welcome. As a Gentile I hope you realize that you have other options. If you wish to follow Torah and the Word of G-d, may I suggest looking into the Noahide movement. Please visit Hasidic Gentile's site for more information.

As for the Vatican, I find it so troubling that the Christian "Palestinians" read their Bible, yet cowtow to the PA and the terrorists. The Bible is the Constitution of the Jewish People and the deed to the Land of Israel. That is one thing the Eveangelical Protestant churches must be praise for... their clarity when it comes to Israel.

Anyhow, welcome and visit again real soon.