May 20, 2005

"Now´s the Time to Find Holy Lost Ark"

An unnamed Kabbalist has granted blessing to famed archeologist Dr. Vendyl Jones to uncover the Holy Ark of the Covenant. J ones plans to excavate the Lost Ark by the Tisha B’Av Fast this summer.
The famed archaeologist, the inspiration for the “Indiana Jones” movie series, has spent most of his life searching for the Ark of the Covenant. The ark was the resting place of the Ten Commandments, given to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai, and was hidden just before the destruction of the First Temple.

The Talmud says the Ark is hidden in a secret passage under the Temple Mount. Jones says that the tunnel actually continues 18 miles southward, and that the Ark was brought through the tunnel to its current resting place in the Judean Desert.

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josh said...

I was wondering,
besides the emotional issue and the fantasy value of finding the ark, is there any mention of finding the ark and/or other 'kelim' related to endtimes?