July 22, 2005

Is this what we prayed for for two thousand years?

Army Likely to Blow up Katif Synagogues

The Defense Ministry acknowledges that one of the possibilities under consideration for the synagogues and yeshivot in Gush Katif is to blow them up. Army officials say this is the likely choice.

Me: (click below for the sources)

Jews are being forced out of their homes

forced to desecrate Shabbos

children are being arrested

IN ISRAEL! If this happened in Europe, people would be taking to the streets.

Is this a "Jewish State?" Not by a long shot.


MatzahNacho said...

That is a huge part of what makes this situation so unfathomable, praying for something for 2000 years just to turn around and hand it away to those who declare daily their intent to destroy Israel and the Jewish people in their entirety. And reading about the Israeli government doing things one would expect only the enemy to do, the world is upside-down right now.

I've been meaning to ask you something since I see that you're in the Los Angeles area as am I. Last week when the world-wide rallys against the expulsion were being planned I saw a listing for events all over the world but couldn't find anything for Los Angeles. Finally, just minutes ago, I found something going on today which was mentioned over at IsraelReporter, but I found out too late. I would really like to make some kind of contact with others in the area who are against the expulsion, even by email is just fine. So if you happen to be interested in communicating about this directly or know of people who might be, I'd appreciate any help. At this point I'd be content just to find a synagogue where being against the expulsion is considered acceptable.

Judah HaKohain said...

I don't know any specific Synagogue which is for or against the Sharon Plan. Unlike Imams or muftis, Rabbis tend not to use their pulpits to incite the crowd to their particular political leanings.

I think the net is the best place to contact people and get inolved. Write letters, make a blog (or visit the blogs I have listed on the side bar) and post your opinions.

Also, be sure to write letters in support of Israel to the amazingly pro-Arab biased LA Times. They probably won't print them but you never know.

Lastly, go to Shul this coming Sunday for Tisha Ba'Av and talk to the Big Man Upstairs yourself. Ultimately everything is in his hands. Pray for the restoration of Eretz Yisrael as promised and the ingathering of the Jewish people and finally for peace.

Good luck.