October 02, 2005

A Sad State

MK Porush: Israeli Youth Are Disconnected From Basic Judaism

In the wake of the reports that an IDF commander ordered a religious soldier to unknowingly step on a prayer shawl (talit), Knesset Member Meir Porush (Agudat Yisrael) said the incident proves that Israeli youth is cut off from its own religious heritage. "The sorry incident in which a soldier was made to trample a talit proves that the youth in the state are cut off from basic Jewish values and know less than nothing about Torah and the heritage of Israel," MK Porush said. "On the eve of Rosh Hashanah 5766, it is fitting that the leaders of state understand that only if we succeed here in raising descendants who deepen their Jewish identity will no enemy or evil-wisher be able to break our spirit or harm us physically."The time has come for the education system to return to all the Jewish students the cultural keys to the Jewish literary treasure trove, in order to preserve the spiritual light of our heritage, and in order to protect the Jewish spark so that it never, God forbid, go out."

Me: Couldn't have said it better.


josh said...

First of all,
if someone else had said it, perhaps I'd agree too. But coming from an ultra-orthodox member of parliament it's pure hypocrisy.

What has he and Agudah done to make God and judaism more accessible to the 'tinok snishba' seculars who have had the hate and derision of torah passed down to them? How have they strived to change the character of the state to a more Jewish identity? It's erev rosh hashana, and all I can think is pipe down and go back to your shtetl.

Before the expulsion occured, I prayed that the white ultra-orthodox (shas is officially in the opposition) would wake up and finally see the the need for all religious [parties] to unite against the chilul hashem called 'disengagement', but they stayed inside and perhaps resisted through apathy.

But now they still talk about the rest of Israel from their perceived perch above us all.

Think about what a different country would exist now if the ultra-orthodox had chosen to join Israeli society rather than segregate themselves. For one thing, the army would have long ago been a Jewish, religious army.

I certainly don't blame them for anything. You can't blame someone for the actions of others. I just pray that they will wake up, accept the rest of us Jews, and want to work together to bring the geulah.

josh said...

Shana tova to all Jews of all flavours and sizes. May we see true achdut in am yisrael in the coming year. May we see a spiritual awakening that will guide us all to the common denominator that will allow all the Jewish egos to unite and work together.

Judah HaKohain said...

Well said.