April 03, 2008

Mmmmmmmm... Kohainlicious

Yee ha!

Just got my DNA results back.

Turns out I am "J1" which is the Kohain Modal Haplotype. Even cooler... I happen to share exact DNA with my neighbor and friend who is also a Kohain!

Small world, small tribe.

Learn more about the DNA project HERE


Anonymous said...

One source of early confusion was a widespread popular notion that only Cohens or only Jews could have the Cohen Modal Haplotype. It is now clear that this is not the case. The Cohen Modal Haplotype, whilst notably frequent amongst Cohens, is also far from unusual in the general populations of haplogroups J1 and J2 with no particular link to the Cohen ancestry. These haplogroups occur widely throughout the Middle East and beyond. So whilst many Cohens have haplotypes close to the CMH, a far larger number of such haplotypes worldwide belong to people with no likely Cohen connection at all.

Anonymous said...

Yehuda, can I please use your anti-Messianic logo on my site? I'll also strat visiting here more often. Your interview with that guy was entertaining but I think you may be a little over-zealous, no?

Devash said...

Eitan, I doubt "entertainment" was Judah's goal. In these times, there is no such thing as "over-zealous." How far do you think good Jews have to go to counteract the apathy of the rov?

And btw, Judah, I sent you email, but didn't receive a response. My blog could use your hechsher.

Anonymous said...

but that was the only thing that post did for me: it entertained me. It was not instructional. I don't think Judah was trying to get his message accross to the guy; I think he was just being provocative which is fine by me so long as one does this to someone who's to be doubted. How do you define a "good Jew", devash?

Anonymous said...

anyhow, I guess that means no so I won't use it.

Judah HaKohain said...

I appreciate the comments but can we keep them in their respective posts, please? Debate is good. I am sorry Eitan if you feel I was just being provocative. Nothing could be further from the truth. I respect A7 and it's content providers. I was very taken aback that someone who speaks to "messianic" groups would be showcased on their site.

I don't mean this sarcastically: Kudos to your tolerance. We are very different people, Eitan. I can't engage these predators when it comes to Jewish lives. Kohain Zrizus Hu.

I am sure Mr. Prager is a nice man. In fact, I know he is. Though he doesn't remember me, I used to hang out at his store often when I was at Hebrew University my junior year (Actually, I used to hang out at the KACH headquarters next door to him).

I guess it was for this very reason that I was so shocked upon seeing Mr. Prager speaking regularly at these "messianic" churches and conventions.

I asked a question(s) point blank and he answered them. Do I think he's "messianic?" No. Do I think he shouldn't speak to these groups? Yes. And I called him on it.

Again, maybe personal feelings crept in... I had a lot of respect for him. I was stunned to see this and I feel others need to know about it. I asked the shaila. When Jews are indangered, they need to be warned.

Regardless, this thing pained me and it wasn't a knee jerk reaction. I cried over this. I t breaks my heart to see those dedicated to rebuilding the Temple associating with idol worshipers.

Jews must avoid these destructive elements and make a hevdel bein kodesh l'avoda zara. G-d commands us to choose sides and many of our halachos are designed to make sure we don't associate with people like these. Not just that, but these sicko Christians are using us as pawns in their "end of days" scenario... wanting Jews back in the Land so Yeshu (Yemach Shmo V'zachr) can return. It's ironic. We were thrown out of the Land for idol worship (among other reasons). Now Esav wants us BACK in the Land so he can "witness" to us about his false god.

I would have no problem davening in a mosque. I won't set foot in a church. Why? Because it's forbidden al pi halacha because Christianity worships something other than G-d. If this is the case, then why include these predators in our Redemption especially when they turn Jews away from the One True G-d? Will Pastor Hagee's blessing mean anything to Moshiach? Will the funds pouring into Israel from the so-called "Ephriamites" count for anything when it comes time for the rebuilding the Temple and ingathering our Brothers and Sisters lost in the world?

I can sum it up as this: I don't wake up next to a whore because I don't go to bed with a whore.

Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

I would have no problem davening in a mosque. I won't set foot in a church. Why? Because it's forbidden al pi halacha because Christianity worships something other than G-d.

I agree wholeheartedly and just because I'm not shomer mitzvot (not all of them for to be sure), doesn't mean I don't have sympathy for your cause. Now can I please include the logo on my page?

I linked to you because I think it's important for people like me (close to Judaism and striving to return to tshuva) to hear your message.

Judah HaKohain said...


You sure can. I can send you a direct link or can you can harvest it from the blog.



Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll try to get it off the blog. If I fail, I'll contact you. Thanks!