March 18, 2009

Once in 28 Years - Birkas HaChamah

Highly Recommended! - Judah

On April 8, 2009, millions of Jews worldwide will unite in the most spectacular event of the past three decades.

Don’t miss it.

Jerusalem, Israel (January 2009) — Once every 28 years, the sun returns to the exact position of Creation, and Jews all over the world gather together to make Birkas HaChamah, the blessing of the sun. What is the meaning of this momentous event that happens only every few decades? How can we maximize our growth as we count down toward this rare natural phenomenon?

Targum Press is proud to present the ultimate book on Birkas HaChamah: Once in 28 Years, by renowned educator and author Rabbi Moshe Goldberger. In this unique handbook packed with fascinating facts and practical ideas for growth, the author uncovers the meaning and depth of Birkas HaChamah and the life lessons we can learn from it. With a comprehensive explanation of the blessing, a clear overview of its pertinent laws and customs, and an exploration of this event’s continual significance, Once in 28 Years allows us to harness the power and inspiration of Birkas HaChamah and keep its message reverberating in our lives for the next 28 years.

Since the last time that birkas hachama was recited, Jewish awareness and pride has literally exploded. In anticipation of April 8, 2009, thousands of both religious and secular Jews are searching for the laws and meaning of this upcoming event, which for some will be a first-time experience. Once in 28 Years builds up the excitement for the occasion, with 28 chapters of information and inspiration. It is the ideal book to use as a series in a newsletter, for teacher gifts, or as part of a schoolwide event to educate students about Birkas HaChamah.

Practical, inspiring, and easy to read, Once in 28 Years is an invaluable book for every Torah Jew.

Me: Excellent book with all the halachos and philosphy about this amazing mitzvah. Nice hardcover binding and not filled with any extra fluff. It also comes with a nifty laminated card of all the brachos and necessary tefilos.

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