September 01, 2010

How about THAT!

Gevalt!  I just found out from my DNA testing which confirmed my J1 (Kohain lineage) that... get this... 

I am Sephardic!

Turns out my family fled Spain in 1492 and eventually settled in Europe.

Mind you, I'm a Yiddish-speaking, bagel-chomping, black hat-wearing Yid who wishes everyone a Gutten Shabbos and a freilichen Yuntif.  All my minhagim are Ashkenaz and I adopted some Yekkish ones from my Mom's side.

Oy, is my Zaide going to PLOTZ!

My take on this?  Blessed is Hashem for loving all of His Children equally.  Jews in Israel and the rest of the world need to break down divisions and ethnocentrism which pits Jews against Jews.

Rabbanan, Hav Lan V'Nivrich! 


yaak said...

Welcome to the club!

Hmmm... I wonder why you found this out near the END of Elul. Hmmm...

All kidding aside, it's amazing what DNA can tell you nowadays.

Mazal Tov (I guess) on your new heritage!

Neshama said...

You are so right about breaking down the divisions that separate one Jew from another; including non-dati from dati.

Yisrael Medad said...

isn't that a portrait of the Ben-Ish Chai of Iraq?