March 24, 2005

Israel story #1

Just before I returned my rental car, a girl walked up to me and handed me a bumper sticker whic read: "Yehudi Lo Migaresh Yehudi" A Jew does not expell another Jew. I liked the sentiment and put it in my pocket for my return.

As I entered the car rental place, the young, secular Israeli woman behind the counter commented on the sticker saying it was "stupid." I asked her why she would think that and she responded that Israel should give up everything if it will bring peace.

I asked her, even Jerusalem? She responded "yes." I said ""even Har Ha-Bayit?" She responded "yes." I asked her "even Tel Aviv?" to which she seemed confused and had no answer.

My eyes were opened and it became clear: to the average secular Israeli of today's generation:

1. Peace is possible if you just give up and give in to terror
2. Jerusalem means nothing, especially our holy places
3. Tel Aviv means everything

This is why we are losing and this is how Israel is failing.

More to come.


Cosmic X said...

Well put!

WesleyWes said...


Interesting, especially the comment, 'give up everything to bring peace'.