March 02, 2005

Two Hands Up Award #1

I have decided to start the Two Hands Up Award for the best pro-Israel, Jewish or Noahide sites that I come across. I am proud that there are so many out there who are working tirelessly to promote Judaism, Torah, Israel, Jerusalem and the Seven Laws of Noah. I am amazed at the hard work and dedication, so I decided to give my "hechsher" to those sites I find to be the best of the best.

Once a week I will single out a site that I feel best serves the Jewish People and Israel. So here goes....

The two raised hands of the Kohain are up to bless the following site this week:



Raphi said...

I am honoured, thank you.

btw: I just added your link to my links page.

WesleyWes said...

I support Israel and i am for a partition.