September 23, 2005

Is There Anybody Out There???


Bet you didn't hear about this on the news:

Hamas To Convert Synagogue to Weapons Museum

The question is, what will the world do to stop it? Probably nothing.

Well, it's time to stand up. Write the President, your Congressman or Senator, your local paper, anyone who will listen.

Email this article to friends and loved ones and let's get the word out that this is unacceptable and will be met with resistance.


Derek said...

Were all here with you. I'm not very good at writing or i would comment more. Back on
Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri call for the people to return. I think he's correct on the state
of the enviroment. I'm up in washington state and the jetstream has moved quite a bit north of us.
I have been snow skiing since 88 and we always had good seasons, generally about 120days
of skiing a year. The 2004 season we had about 14days of the ski areas being open.
Quite a bit difference. Also i think that the powers that be are panicking and intentionally
driving up the price of gas. So people won't drive as often.

ashen said...

So now we are facing the position where, depending on what hamas actually does there, Jews may have to bomb a desecrated synagogue!

This has been a very sad year.

Re: R. Kaduri's supposed statement. The events surrounding it are too strange and drenched in politics. If he really made them (and the story claimed it urgent enough for him to pass the message on to Sharon) then he would clear up the confusion with a repeat statement.

Even so, I do believe the content of the message. I feel strongly that the time has come for American Jews especially to return home. (Enough so that I have recently contacted nefesh b'nefesh

That a mass American aliyah could help turn the political situation, so that no more synagogues are desecrated, is reason enough. Our brothers are in danger and America is turning for the worse. We are past the point where writing to officials is going to help.

Beyond that, climate change is very real and political climate change is too. As the environment worsens, economic collapse is on the horizon and with it, America will become an increasingly chaotic, dangerous place.

Better that we make Aliyah now out of a desire to help our brothers and save our land than later, as an escape.