September 12, 2005

Open discussion

These sub-human terrorists torch Synagogues and Yeshivot, places dedicated to the worship and teachings of the One G-d, while we protect their mosques that sit upon our Holy Temple Mount.

Yet the world is silent...

What If Jews Destroyed Mosques?


PFFlyer said...

You are most likely Jewish, so I, as a gentile want you to know that I agree with theIsraeli position, when expressed in relation to the prophecies of your prophets.
Israel may give up some land now, but in the end, Israel will occupy all the land from Dan to Beersheba as promised in the Torah, the writings and the prophets.
It will be that Messiah will come to deliver Israel,and that Messiah is none other than Jesus the Christ, the "anointed one." If you do not recognize that today, you will some day. All believers in Messiah will be united in one as the great scholar, Saul of Tarsus stated very clearly.

Judah HaKohain said...

Yeah... see... "Saul of Tarsus" was an apostate. He lived many years after Jesus and his motives were confusing at best. He tried to nullify G-d's Torah but didn't succeed. In fact it was a miserable failure. Only the gentiles accepted his religion which was not too far off from their own pagan beliefs. That's why Jews are not Christians. We don't believe in a half-god/half-man. Only G-d and His Torah.

Our Messiah will come and do what needs to be accomplished. He won't die before his work is done.

Millions have been killed in Jesus' name and the world has seen more death and distruction since he was on earth. Doesn't sound too much like the messiah to me.

You do have options. Have you ever looked into B'nei Noach. You can receive the Truth without becoming Jewish. Please visit our side bar for B'nei Noach resources.

Another good research tool is the book "You take Jesus, I'll take G-d."

Good luck and I hope you find the Truth soon.

Doxology said...

More evidence that the majority of muslims do not not care about religion at all.
I never thought a group of humans could be more out of touch with reality
than the cattle worshipping hindus. I now have learned that there is a group that is
lower is the abyss. At least the cattle worshippers would have had the intelligence
and integrity to leave a temple alone. I know name calling isn't constructive but i have to say it.
If you can, pity the fools.