January 29, 2006

Extry Extry! Knesset water laced with LSD!

'cause the government sure is trippin'!

Hamas Suggests Using Militants in Army

The leader of Hamas suggested Saturday that the Islamic group could create a Palestinian army that would include its militant wing — responsible for scores of deadly attacks on Israelis — in the aftermath of its crushing victory in parliamentary elections.

Hamas Says It Will Not Change

Following their resounding election victory, the Islamic militants of Hamas met the question of whether they will change their stripes with a loud "no": no recognition of Israel, no negotiations, no renunciation of terror.


wait for it...

Mofaz: Hamas Acting Responsibly

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz told the Israeli cabinet on Sunday that since the election Hamas was acting responsibly.

Cosmic, man.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

HaMikdash: That's pretty funny. I got an email this morning with the subject, "Mofaz suffering from heavy marijuana use"

And the email was the same JPost article and quote, "Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz said in Sunday's cabinet meeting that Hamas was, at this point, acting "responsibly," and added that he believed that the organization would soon attempt to rein in terror."

What a joke.

Judah HaKohain said...

I mean, what is it? Does liberal Zionism change the brain chemistry? There is no effective leadership in the Knesset anymore.