February 09, 2006

Siman Tov and Mazal Tov. Religious Unity?

Religious Unity: NRP and NU; Degel and Agudah

With only hours to go before the deadline, the National Religious Party and National Union announced an election merger, as did the two Ashekanazi hareidi parties.
At 2 AM, representatives of the two leading religious-Zionist parties signed an agreement to run together as one bloc. The two parties are the National Union, comprising three factions, and the National Religious Party.

The first four places will be occupied by the leaders of the four factions, in this order: Benny Elon (Moledet and National Union Chairman, pictured on left), Zevulun Orlev (NRP, pictured on right), Tzvi Hendel (Tekumah), and Effie Eitam (Religious Zionist Renewal). In fifth place is Nissan Slomiansky of the NRP.

At a joint press conference today led by the above five, MK Benny Elon said, "We have united in order to lead the right-wing, and in order to lead the country - no less."

Me: It's about time! Pehaps a Jewish government will be able to prosecute those who did this:

Letter to IDF General: How Could You?

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