April 09, 2006

Mmmmmmmmmmmm nuts.

More nutiness from those kooky reshaim known as Neturei Karta...

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Ps. "the Exodus is a Zionist plot. We true Torah Jews reject the release of the Jewish people from slavery and ask the honorable Pharoah to not judge all Jews by the actions of Moses and Aaron. The Jewish People have had a long-standing, peaceful relationship with the Egyptians and we stand in solidarity with them. We pray for the destruction of the Zionist Exodus and look forward to the day we can re-enter slavery and serve our Egyptian masters as we have for hundreds of years. We also apologize and symathize with the Amalekite and Canaanite People and realize that they wouldn't have attacked us if we hadn't tried to illegally occupy their land."


Amishav said...

Thank you for posting that little trip to the Twilight Zone. There was so much bizarre crap in what they were saying that its almost impossible to know where to begin, but I guess it just boils down to the fact that some people will do anything for fame- even to the point of selling out your own family. Sick, sick, sick.

RB said...

These guys might have a bissel of credibility if they didn't support the likes of Hamas (proven JEW haters, not just anti-Zionists). The NK Rabbi almost sounds delusional in the interview. I think we're looking at bordeline personality disorder or perhaps the incipient stages of schizophrenia.

YMedad said...

Still can't find your address.

See this: