April 30, 2006

Reform leader holds olive branch to Evangelicals

From Ynet News,

Eric Yoffie calls on Jerry Falwell supporters to seek out 'shared values' to fight pornography, self-gratification

A Reform Jewish leader told evangelical Christians at Rev. Jerry Falwell's Liberty University on Wednesday that prayer in schools is not the answer to moral decline in America. Instead, Rabbi Eric Yoffie urged Christians and Jews to "build bridges, find shared values and join together."

Here's how the conversation went: (in my mind)

Eric: There's no reason we can't work together, Jerry. I mean, we both believe that the Torah is invalid and that our own beliefs, no matter how much they contradict the Bible, are what's important. Sure, we Reform Jews embrace radical values and go against everything that Judaism stands for, but so do you.

Jerry: Um, okay. But I must warn you ahead of time. We do believe in G-d.

Eric: (pause) Oh. Okay. Forget I said anything.

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Menacham Mendel Aharon HaLevy said...

Just in time! The secular Israeli government is also holding out an olive branch, today, to the so-called Palistinians, on the subject of "how to divide up Jerusalem." My guess as to what the Palistinians want: all of it. How do you protect your homeland by giving it away, piece by piece? What ever happened tot he Israel that doesn't negotiate with terrorists??