November 08, 2006

The Gedolim Speak

(turban tip to Elisheva)

"We have heard the news and the earth trembles and shakes from the voice of masses of reshoim who seek to defile the holy city of Jerusalem, the King's palace, with one of the worst abominations and ugliness of the nations of the world. Woe be the ears that hear such things and woe unto us in whose days this is transpiring.

The holy Torah warns against the serious repercussions, chas vesholom, therefore we are worried and fearful over the repercussions acts such as these could bring upon the entire Yishuv, Hashem yishmor.

Therefore we call on every Jew who has a reverent fear for the honor of our holy Torah and the honor of Jerusalem, the holy city, to protest against the above abomination in Ir Hakodesh in particular, and in Eretz Hakodesh in general.

And may He Who spreads his succas sholom spread His succas sholom over us and over all of His nation of Israel and over Yerushalayim. "

Signed in reverent fear for the honor of the holy city of Jerusalem, may it be built and established, Cheshvan 5767

Yosef Sholom Eliashiv
Yochonon Sofer
Chaim Pinchos Scheinberg
Shmuel Auerbach
Yitzchok Sheiner
Ovadia Yosef
Shalom Cohen
Moshe Tzedakah

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