November 06, 2006

Hocking for my Tribe!

Just ordered Shlomo Katz's new CD VeHakohanim

I have not heard it yet, but I understand it is something special. I invite all my readers to give it a try. It can be purchased from CD Baby HERE

Shlomo Katz's website can be found HERE

From his bio: "Shlomo Katz was born into a family of musicians. This rich musical heritage goes back many generations including his father, master musician and chazzan, Avshalom Katz. Shlomo was born in New Jersey but grew up in Raanana, Israel. From his youth, he has sung in choirs, on television and demonstrated his of love music and passion for Torah. He is a prolific composer of beautiful music, both solo and in collaboration with his brother, Eitan, Yehuda Solomon and Chaim David."

Help a Kohain out...

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