June 14, 2007

"West Bank" mayor to ban Jewish pilgrims

From the Jerusalem Post:

The mayor of a Palestinian [sic] village on Monday called for the end of pilgrimages by Jewish groups to a holy site in his village after the desecration of Muslim graves last week.

Ahmed Bouzia, mayor of Kifl Harith in the northern West Bank, said villagers had discovered the desecration Friday morning after 1,300 Jewish pilgrims came there to pray under IDF protection the night before. Nine tombstones were damaged, he said - some broken and others bearing graffiti such as "Death to Arabs" and "Revenge."

Judah says: I would have no problem banning Jewish pilgrims from the site if the Waqf will agree to us banning Muslims from the Temple Mount, which has suffered massive desecration at the hands of "religious" Muslims.

The article continues:

Village feelings were further ruffled when IDF soldiers returned early Sunday morning with pilgrimage organizers to fix the damaged graves and paint over graffiti.

"This was desecration on top of desecration," Bouzia said, adding that Muslim graves can be repaired only by Muslims. The village leaders are planning to consult with Islamic authorities on how to restore the graves.

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