October 16, 2008

My dream

I dreamed a few nights ago and in it I was shown a large scorpion. I understood in the dream that that meant that Mashiach will arrive during the sign of the scorpion (Scorpio). I was then shown a building that didn't rest on earth, it rested on the ocean. I was shown a beautiful apartment that was huge inside and filled with clarity and beauty. The walls were lined with seforim and a Jew sat at a dining room table learning. I was to understand that this was NOT to be my apartment. I was then shown a very humble and mediocre apartment where I was to dwell.

Then I was taken to an auditorium where all of Klal Yisrael was seated. We were all waiting for Mashiach to appear. The usher took me to the left side of the auditorium in the middle (not the front or the back). I wanted to sit up front but was not permitted. The Jews sitting in my row were talking sheker and divrei chol like some do on Shabbos in shul. I was very embarassed.

May Hashem reverse my gezeiros kashos and accept my teshuvah. May we strive to have the best in Olam Ha-Ba and not in Olam Ha-Zeh.

Ain Od Milvado.

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