April 21, 2009

Are Jews Safe in America?

Do you believe that the current economic situation will spur a rise in Anti-Semitism in America?

Anti-Semitism and the Madoff Scandal

Madoff's Guilty Plea Elicits More Anti-Semitic Comments


Dan - Israeli Uncensored News said...

Jews felt perfectly safe in Poland of 15th century and Germany of the 20th, now in America of the 21st

Anonymous said...

jews are not safe in America because most non religious Jews are liberal and are against too many traditional values of most Americans wether Anglo-European, Hispanic, Moslems etc., in relation to public and private morals, sex, marriage, religion, abortion, social engineering and so on.

Of course Orthodox and Conservative Jews are also in the traditional camp.

For Jews, all Jews, to feel safe in America Conservative and Orthodox individually as well as Synagogues various organizations must urgently denounce liberal Jews in all walks of life as against traditional values and bad Americans until we dislodge them from all poditions of public influence, be it tv shows, movie making or the newspapers.

Such forceful intervention by O and C Jews will get enthusiastic support even from people who now are antisemitic because they think all Jews are like the prominent liberal Jews.

That will help discredit liberals (socialists really) get a Palin-Bachmann or vice versa elected.

Another two things Jews must do, but specially the State of Israel, is first prohibit espionage on the US and do not accept and denounce any American Jew or non-Jew who attempts to transfer any secrets of the US government to the Israel government or private citizen.
Cases like Pollard creat a lot of anti Jewish feelings in millions of Americans which add to those already there creating the contitions for violent antisemitism or administrative anti semitism. Of course C and O Jews should openly say Pollard must rot in jail.

The other thing is for Israel, which no longer is a poor country, to refuse any US money because millions of poor Americans live worse than poor Israelis.

This means AIPAC and others shoul work only to ensure US military support of Israel by selling the weapons and committing US military to defend Israel if attacked.

By the way, Israel has to find a way to gain sufficient support from Palestinians and Arabs so that it will be accepted by many of them. For example giving back land, compensating with generous money displaced Palestinians during the various wars and promising to help a new Paledtinian State to become prosperous. If Israel does so it will survive.

Current approach of just toughness endangers Israel for many reasons. One is that the nuclear deterrent advantage Israel enjoys is not eternal. Sooner or later the Arabs will have their bomb, specially given Iran's progress. Once the Arabs or Iran do, they have enough fanatics they will not care to commit to martyrdom tend o millions of their own as long as they take Israelis of the map. It will be a sort of thermonuclear Massada, crazy.

So, let us go after the Jewish liberals. The roots of antisemitism in America is not Jews but Jewish liberals. C and O Jews are the only people who can do that for obvious reasons. In the process America can also be rescued from the social and economic meltdown underway right now. We either do that or Aliyah because the way the US is going antisemitism will burst in the ope big way. When it does you will be surprised at how many Americans politicians are already closet anti Jews...

It is urgent to make the distinction among Jews in the open and push the liberals off the media, hollywood and policy making decisions and into seedy comedy clubds, underground movie making and bohemian cafes where they belong, not setting the various agendas and values of the US

Of course, non-Jewish liberals also need to be pushed to the self hating fringes of society.

How to do it? writing books and articles, appearing in tv and radio shows denouncing liberal Jews and liberals in general, working for the reelection of conservative politicians, etc. The US population at large will be forever grateful to the Jews and antisemitism will go the way of the dodo bird.

We must do to save the US and to save Jewish lives.