April 26, 2009

Free meat? Bring it on!

From the Yated:

"The Torah tells us in Parshas Shoftim that when we shecht an animal, one should give the zeroah, lechayayim and keivah (right foreleg, jaw/cheekbone and stomach) to a kohen as matnos kehunah. Many poskim hold that one is not obligated to do this mitzvah in chutz la'aretz. Others. however, maintain that it is a mitzvah that one should perform in the Diaspora [as well].

On [the] Monday of Chol Hamoed/April 13, Dr. Zelig Schur of Cleveland was mekayeim this mitzvah. Under the supervision of Rabbi Dovid Gross, Dr. Shur shechted two lambs lekavod Yom Tov and presented the gifts to a kohen."

Anyone looking to donate free fleishigs, please contact me!

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