July 11, 2010

Oh how misguided we are!

"Koshersalaami" has a very misguided view on Israel and the Arabs in his post: "What I believe about Israel"

He says the following:
"I do not believe that Israel has the right to territory on the West Bank outside of Jerusalem. The Palestinian population has been there for a long time, isn't going anywhere, and needs a place to live. Encroachments on this territory without some sort of compensation, preferably in land elsewhere, cannot be anything but an obstacle to peace. I believe that Jerusalem is the exception because the last time an Arab government controlled it, Jews were denied access to their (our) holiest site. Since Israel has controlled that part of Jerusalem, Muslims have worshipped at El Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock continuously."
Check out the post and the responses including mine) HERE

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