July 04, 2010

Why we may lose...

It;s July 4th.  Americans are celebrating their Independence from foreign oppression.  I cannot, however, feel a bit sickened this holiday weekend.  I recently (re) discovered Stumble Upon.  It really is addictive.  I find myself pressing the little SU icon over and over just to see which websites and blogs are out there.  Each time it's like unwrapping a present.  I never know what I'm going to find.

Sometimes presents are wonderful.  Sometimes they stink.  Sometimes they can shatter your world.

My original title for this post was "Why we're going to lose..." but I decided against it.  What we need is a little education and getting back on the PR bandwagon to counter the propaganda of the Jew-haters and Israel bashers.  I like this little video.  Made me laugh:

That "man of the people" David Duke is now standing up for poor oppressed Arab.  The Mufti's minions are still alive I see.  What I find amazing is that this man's hatred for the Jewish People is so great that it actually eclipses his White Supremacy shtus.

Take a look at this gem:

Uploaded by kaliyug.

Are we that different? Racially and ethnically, not at all (sorry, Mr. Duke). My DNA testing has proven that I am genetically identical to any other Middle Easterner: Iraqi, Syrian, Jordanian. My Israelite, oh wait, my KLAN KOHAIN KASTE blood is the same as Arabs and North Africans. What DOES make us different is that my cousins want me dead and they want to see my homeland ethnically cleansed of Jews. So yeah, I guess we are different after all.  Did you like how they equated 9/11 with the American response to 9/11.  Classy.

No, what's making we want to hurl is the amount of self-hating Jews there are out there. That the bleeding heart Hebrews would jeopardize their own people to satisfy their liberalism.

Here's a sampling: (unwrap each one and savor).

Self-Hater #1
Self-Hater #2
Self-Hater #3
Self-Hater #4
Self Hater #5  (someone who thinks he's a rabbi)
Self Hater #6  (some people who also think they're rabbis)
Self Hater #7
Self Hater #8

And my Favorite Self Hater is...

This, my friends, is why we may lose.  We are by far our greatest danger.  Jewish self-betrayal is the sleeping pill of the Liberal Jewish world.  It doesn't matter that the Arabs and so-called Palestinians want a Jew-free land.  It doesn't matter that these self-loathers write from their armchairs from occupied Indian land or secular Tel-Aviv.  They embrace those that want us dead.  Shame on them all.

But here's the good news.  There are responsible Jews out in cyberspace as well and they are leading the fight to win over the (bleeding) hearts and minds of our people.  While it may be fashionable to betray Israel and back-stab your brothers, I urge you all to check out the sites I link to on the sidebar.  May Hashem Bless them in all their endeavors and may He send us another Moshe Rabbeinu to grind up the Golden Calf and make our enemies drink.

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