March 27, 2011

Stop the Desecration of the Temple Mount!

Read more about it HERE.

We need an international outcry!  Hoe can the world shed tears for the so-called Palestinians while out Holiest Shrine is being desecrated?  What would the world say if Jews or Hindus did this to the Kaaba?

Speak out!  Repost!  Raise the issue!

I am also looking for a holy brother and sister who lives in the Old City to establish a Temple Cam.  While the Kotel Cam is wonderful, the world should also have a window on Judaism's HOLIEST place!  Perhaps Shuvu Bonim will allow a camera on their roof?  Anyone want to help?

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Sonia Hidalgo said...

Creo que deberíamos empezar a estudiar las dimensiones verdaderas del tercer templo, dejando atrás el templo Herodiano o el de Salomón que fueron destruídos y no existen más. Aqui les pongo una imagen del Templo según el profeta Ezequiel que he realizado luego de hacer un profundo estudio de la Biblia y sobre todo de este profeta. Saludos cordiales Arch. Sonia Hidalgo