April 11, 2011

My latest dream... "Prepare!"

I had a dream last night where my wife's recently deceased Grandmother (A"H) came to me and told me (as she pointed to one of her children who was no longer observant) "Tell him to prepare!"  Bubbie was 108 when she passed away and a genuine Tzadeikes.  In all her year of marriage not even her husband saw her hair and he wouldn't eat anything not cooked by his wife.  She was a direct descendant of King David with all the names listed on a family tree.  She was truly a one of a kind.

One of her children who also passed away was no longer as religious as the rest of her family.  To be fair, he was sick and his medication took a huge toll on his body and soul.  It's not that he was anti-religious, he just became lax and the medication made him foggy.  I do not believe that the message was directed to HIM per se.  I believe that he was merely a symbol for the Jewish People at large and the message was to those of us who are not as stringent as we should be in Torah learning, Mitzvos and Emunah and that we should take heed because the time is NOW to prepare.  Moshiach is coming.

A footnote:  I had three dreams subsequent to that dream where I told my wife the message from her grandmother.

A sweet note:  She blew me a kiss before she gave me the message.  May Hashem raise her Neshama to the highest heights of Heaven and bless her with only good.

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