April 11, 2011

My Shabbos Guests...

In the middle of enjoying my cholent this past Shabbos an odd thin occured.  Our doorbell rang.  My wife went outside and I heard her shoo some people away.  When she returned I asked her who it was.  She told me that it was missionaries (The "Restoration" of Israel).  I quickly jumped up and ran outside.

I am not like others.  I don't poo-poo missionaries and other enemies of the Jewish People. 

I engage.

I spoke to them for a good fifteen minutes as my family and our Shabbos guests looked on.  I made it clear that the reason the Jewish People are in exile is because of our sins, especially idol worship.  I recited the passage about Hashem blessing those who bless us and cursing those who curse us.  I demonstrated, through logic (something lost on these zombies) that Jesus cannot be G-d or the Messiah.  I walked them through the logic and then shocked them with this:  By trying to convert the Jewish Nation AWAY from our Torah and our worship of the One True G-d you are effectively trying to introduce us back to idol worship.  Since Jesus is not G-d, worshiping him would be idol worship.  Therefore, the G-d of Israel will curse you for trying to lead us astray.  I explained, in their terms, that Hellfire awaited them for trying to harm the Jewish People.

The conversation pretty much ended there.  It's time for the Jewish People to stand up, arm ourselves with knowledge, engage and fight back using the same weapons of our enemies.  We strike back at Hamas and Hizbollah, why not at missionaries?  If I had more time, I would have tried to convert them to B'nei Noach.  But my cholent getting cold.

If you think it's no big deal, I invite you to watch this nauseating video:


yaak said...

My father would do the same thing! He loved talking to them and proving them wrong. He recalls that sometimes they'd leave our house in tears.

whisker child said...

223I thought I was the last Jew left to stand up and take on the Christians who want to destroy us.

I am in tears about this probably twice a month.

I will read your blog forever.

You've made my day.