February 25, 2005

Just what we need.

Great. Let's bury ourselves deeper in a time of crisis:

From Arutz Sheva:

Housing Minister Yitzhak Herzog, a member of a Conservative synagogue in Jerusalem, told the Conservative movement in Israel he will work for equal financial assistance to all streams of Judaism.

Herzog, who a few years ago tried to arrange for mixed prayers at the Western Wall, told the Conservative movement he has had "a special connection for several years with the Conservative stream of Judaism." He added he will continue to try to find "reasonable solutions" to establish conservative prayer services at the Robinson's Arch near the Western Wall Plaza.When Herzog was cabinet secretary during the government of Ehud Barak, he established a committee to work towards egalitarian prayer services at the Wall, considered the most holy site where Jews are allowed to pray. The committee also was to examine the issue of conversions.Orthodox rabbis make up the membership of authorized governing bodies on matters of divorces, marriages, burials and conversions. The Conservative and Reform movements have been lobbying for several years to allow their rabbis to share the authority in official state institutions.Orthodox Jews make up the vast majority of religious Jews in Israel, but the Reform and Conservative movements have been growing. The Conservative branch began in 1979 and has grown from 15 to 50 communities throughout the country, establishing synagogues on major university campuses.Herzog was invited to address the annual Israeli Conservative movement's convention on Sunday, but wrote that he regretted he was unable to attend.

I have said it before but it requires repeating: The Reform and Conservative "streams" are apostate. How can I say such a thing? Ask yourself this: Even with their philosophical differences Catholicism and Protestantism both agree on Jesus, the New Testament, etc. Is there a Christian sect out there that negates Jesus or the New Testament and is considered legitimate? Sunni and Shiite Islam also disagree, but both agree on the fundamentals: Muhammad as prophet and the Qur'an. Is there a Muslim sect out there that claims that Muhammad was not a prophet or that the Qur'an is false? I think not. Yet we, as American Jews, have been lied to. For you see, Reform and Conservative Judaism reject the Torah and the Talmud as divine writings and they reject some if not most of the Mitzvot. This is not Judaism.

A true "stream" of Judaism is Hassidism. Hassidim believe in G-d, Torah and the Oral Law. Reform and Conservative do not. End of story.

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Anonymous said...

Hassidim believe in men marrying their nieces. My grandfather married his brother's daughter.
Jews do harbor illness.
I'm walking proof.