February 01, 2005

Laws of the Basic Principles of the Torah

Maimonides: Sefer ha-Madda' - Hilchot Yesodei Hatorah (Fundamentals of Torah)

1) To recognize G-d.
2) Not even to speculate that there might be a god other than G-d.
3) To unify G-d.
4) To love G-d.
5) To have fear of G-d.
6) To sanctify G-d's Name.
7) Not to desecrate G-d's Name.
8) Not to destroy things on which G-d's Name is written.
9) To listen to a prophet who speaks in G-d's Name.
10) Not to test G-d.

For the whole thing, please see the B'tzedek site: http://www.btzedek.com/scholarship/scholar001.html

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