August 03, 2006

And the insanity goes on...

Police Bar Non-Muslims From Temple Mount Despite Court Order

Despite a High Court decision, Jerusalem's Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest site, was closed to Jews on the Fast of Tisha B'Av, which mourns the destruction of the Holy Temple.

Despite the fact that the Mount represents the focal point of the fast, only Muslim woman and Muslim men over the age of 45 were permitted entry Thursday.

Israel's Supreme Court ruled two days ago that members of the Temple Mount Faithful could ascend the mount on Tisha B'Av during the normal hours during which non-Muslims are usually allowed on the Mount, Sunday-Thursday. The court ruled that the group could not carry placards, dress in a provocative fashion or draw any attention to themselves - and the group's founder, Gershon Solomon, was to be barred from the Mount altogether.

But following threats by Arab MKs and Islamic Movement officials, Police barred not only members of the group – but all non-Muslims. They said the decision was due to a fear of violent clashes between Temple Mount Faithful activists and Muslim protesters.

Police detained one Jewish man who requested to be allowed to visit the Temple Mount Thursday morning, claiming he obstructed the entrance to the Western Wall to worshipers.

Observant Jews have begun visiting the Temple Mount in larger numbers in recent years, but are encouraged to consult with a rabbi knowledgable in the related issues to receive instructions on proper preparations for the visit.

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josh said...

This whole story is like the American congressional decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem, but every 6 months the US preseident postpones the issue.

If it wasn't sad, it would be sadder.