August 14, 2006

More info on Kohain Convention

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I am planning on going (unless Mashiach is here then it will be moot). I urge all my Kohanic and Levitical brothers and sisters to make plans to attend.


Sunday evening, July 15– Welcoming Dinner at the Renaissance Hotel Major rabbinical and other speakers Premier Screening of “To Be a Kohen, of the Tribe of Levi” Honors Presentations

Monday - in Jerusalem’s Old City
Rosh Hodesh Prayer at the Kotel with Kohanim Blessing
Yom Iyun –Day of Learning – at the HaKotel Hall, Jewish Quarter
Chief Rabbis and other important speakers, exhibitions, information tables

Tuesday - Conference Center at the Renaissance Hotel
AM - session - Halacha Today - eg. avoiding impurity, contemporary issues, ‘Shiduchim’
PM - session - Depth from the Zohar and Kabbala; Kohen-Levi Genealogy; Spiritual leaders – students of Aharon - promoting love, peace and blessing

Wednesday - A Day of the Temple
AM – session -unique educational Seminar presented by the Temple Institute with models and actual Temple vessels
PM – visit–preserved homes of Kohanim in late 2nd Temple Times, and climb the actual steps to the entrance of the Temple ...

Thursday – In the Footsteps of the Kohanim and Leviim Optional bus tour of Kohanim & Levite related sites - Modiin – home of the Macabees, Nov – ancient city of Kohanim, Shilo – site of the Mishkan...

Invited participants include:

HaRav Simcha HK Kook – Chief Rabbi, Rehovot
Rabbi Shlomo HK Riskin – Chief Rabbi, Efrat
HaRav Avigdor HL Nevensahl – Chief Rabbi, Old City, Jerusalem
Professor Karl HK Skorecki – discoverer of the “Cohen-Gene”...And many others from across the spectrum of the Jewish world

At the Conference- Halachic information, Publications, Exhibitions, Art and artifacts,Temple resources,- ‘Pirche’- youth activities, Shiduchim,Genealogies - tracing names & places, - ‘DNA & Tradition’ presentation, Sessions in English and Hebrew, special session for women- Designed for synagogue and other groups, families, fathers and sons, and individuals - Package Tour – 2 weeks in Jerusalem available, with

A project of the Center for Kohanim,
Old City Jerusalem

Founder– Rav Nachman HK Kahana
Director– Rabbi Yaakov HK Kleiman

Please visit the web site for more information.

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