October 30, 2006

Check out my first "Stop the Parade" banner. Feel free to poach and post.

More banners and buttons to follow.

I ask all my religious and Zionist readers and Blogger friends to act quickly and post your distaste for the "World Pride Parade" that will (H"V) take place on November 16th [JHK: Sorry, it's actually November 10th. My bad] in the Holy City.

There will be cross dressing, youth recruitment, Sabbath desecration and countless other chilulei Hashem that must be prevented. Their last attempt to hold the parade ended up with Israel at war with Hizballah. How many messages can we get from the Holy One Blessed Be He and not respond? If you love Hashem, His Torah and his Holy City, then you have a chiyuv to speak out and make your feelings known.

Blog. Write letters to the Mayor of Jerusalem. Organize a protest. Daven and say Tehillim. Sign a petition.

Jews, Muslims and Christians must unite to stop this parade and protect Jeruslaem's sanctity and Holiness from this outward provocation. There are thousands of other cities in which this parade could have been held. Having it in Jerusalem is a direct provication against the Orthodox Jewish world, devout Muslims and faithful Christians.

If you are still not convinced... I add these web sites here.

WARNING they are not for the fainthearted and are very un-tznius. But it does give you an idea what's coming. Please do not click on the sites if you think it will effect your neshoma. It will as they are very disturbing. Please do not hold me responsible... I am offering them as a service for those who want to be educated on this group. I do not want to bear the sin of you seeing it, so I humbly ask that you say outline: "I do not hold Yehudah HaKohain responsible for my actions and I do this on my own free will."




Cosmic X said...

Well put.

Anonymous said...

I hope it wont be necessary for another hero to arise like last year...

Does anyone know how we can help the guy who stabbed the fags last year?

Judah HaKohain said...

No. Sorry. Nope/

I do NOT advocate violence OF ANY KIND. That would also be a chilul Hashem.

Most of these people (at least the organizers) are Jews and every attempt should be made to make them see the error of their ways through peaceful means. Protest. Debate. Block the streets with throngs of Frum people leaning Torah and reciting Tehillim but DO NOT harm a fellow human being.

However... We should not just sit back and be silent. Ohavei Torah MUST make their voices heard and protect our Holy City.