October 25, 2006

HaRav HaGaon Yitzchak Amnon Shlita (AMV"S)

I just stepped in from seeing Rav Amnon Yitzchak in Los Angeles.

Here's what I saw...

The lecture was supposed to start at eight o'clock. It did not begin until much later.

It was hot. It was stuffy. There were not nearly enough seats for those who came to hear him. The Fire Marshal of Beverly Hills would not let the lecture begin until people left the aisles and back of the shul. People were pushing their way in and the doors had to be held to prevent more people from pushing their way in. It was such a balagan that my five year old son was getting scared. Throngs of Israelis and Persians refused to vacate the area and that led to shouting matches and protests. Those seated wanted the lecture to begin. Those standing did not want to leave.

It was one of the most incredible and special moments of my life.

I don't know if you can imagine it. There were 1,4000 pushing and shoving for Torah. Busses of people came from Arizona to see him and many people in Israel were watching it live at 5:30 am local time.

I have been to concerts. I have seen many movie and TV stars in Hollywood. Their fans are nothing like this. Those worshippers of false "idols" have no real soul or purpose to their adoration.

These people were literally pushing and screaming for G-d and His Torah. The hunger and desire of these people was so potent that when the Rav came out the place erupted. I actually cried. I turned to my sons and I said: "This is what it will be like when Mashiach comes." To which my ten year old son replied: "except there will be a few more billion people."

The Rav had an aura around him. His holiness and love for HaKaddosh Baruch Hu permeated everyone there. People shouted, danced and sang just at the sight of him.

I have never said this of anyone. Could this man be Mashiach?

Visit his site: SHOFAR.NET

Watch the videos (subtitled). Listen to the lectures (in Hebrew). Donate to help him in his work.


Dror said...

I'm from Detroit (3 hours later than LA), and watched it live on shofar.net - yes the delay was annoying (The Rav didn't appear till after midnight my time) - but then again, the vast majority of the audience were Middle-Easterners, so this type of "balagan" is common. I'm Israel, so I'm proud of this behaviour :)
Anyrate, Chazak u'Baruch to Rav Amnon shlita, and may he be zoche to be mekarev every single member of Klal Yisroel.

Judah HaKohain said...

Amen! It was wonderful seeing my Israeli and Persian brothers and sisters so excited about hearing Divrei Torah!

Anonymous said...

Moshiach does not mix truth and falsehood. Amnon reaches people and pushes people away. He says a lot of nonsense.

Judah HaKohain said...

Instead of making broad statements why not give us some particulars?

Nothing the Rav said was nonsense when I saw him. I take it you are a Chabadnik, am I correct?

Anonymous said...

Rav Amnon tends to ridicule science, while completely ignorant about the subject.

I heard him claim that the length of the Month which we use for the calendar is the One And True Value, and that it is from Sinai. Science giving a number close to is on the one hand a proof of this (how could Chazal know?), while on the other hand it is a proof of the inaccuracy of Science.

Instead, the Scientific value is much better than the Halachic one and given its LACK of precision it is obvious how the halachic length of the Month was measured: from records of lunar eclipses.

His famous "proofs" (everything has a beginning, et cetera) are all invalid if you really think about them. He is a populist with charisma. If you think he could me Moshiach, in my opinion you are altogether on the wrong track.

about Rav Amnon Yitzchak shlita said...


It's true that some of the critics of Rav Amnon Yitzchak are so intellectually poor that they cannot even begin to understand his reasonings, let alone grasping the scientific demonstrations.

Anonymous said...

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