October 07, 2007

My Dream Last Night...

Last night I had a dream that I was at a simcha and I walked into a small room. Sitting there was the Lubavitcher Rebbe surrounded by small children. I was holding a cup filled with cookies and I offered him one.

He took one and then told me to offer to the children. I did and I told them to take one because they were brochos (oddly not to MAKE brachos). They ate the cookies and with great joy, the Rebbe told me to go play some simchadik music.

I left the room and went over to the DJ stand. I randomly pulled out a CD. I could not see what the title or who the artist was. It was foggy and unclear. I placed the CD into the player and the Miami Boys Choir came on. The song was Ashira LaShem:

[Then Moses and the children of Israel sang this song to the Lord, and they spoke, saying,] I will sing to the Lord, for very exalted is He; a horse and its rider He cast into the sea. My strength and my courage is HaShem, and He has been my savior.

I should note once again that I am neither Lubavitch nor a Chabadnik. Yet, this is one of many dreams I have had about the Rebbe.

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