October 07, 2007

My Hoshana Rabba Dream

I had I dream on Hoshana Rabba where I was shown the face of a man who I had just recently met (in real life). He is a religious man who was not born Jewish. I was told in my dream that this man did many terrible things in past lives and his being Jewish and religious is a tikkun and that he must be very careful in how he acts because the situation is critical. ie. his neshoma is teetering on the edge.

I would not give the dream too much thought except for the fact that I kept waking up from it, falling back asleep and then I dreamed the same dream all over again. This happened five times in the same night.

Question is... what do I do with this?

I have had dreams about a childhood friend who committed suicide. He has come to me asking for help because he is suffering in the next world. Any advice for me, a troubled Litvak/Yekke?

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Jayp49 said...

I have just read the question posed regarding the dream about the suicide friend of yours; perhaps a brief yet salient point can be made by me here:

According to one of Germany`s greatest seers of the past , Erhard B├Ązner, suicides go through an exceptionally traumatic time following their physical death; he describes in vivid detail each phase of the troubles suicides experience with incisive German precision! --it is your task to send him pure light-filled thoughts , thoughts of peace,harmony,LOVE and JOY! He also needs to ASK higher forces for help and he WILL then receive it ...He needs to learn to let go of the past and THEN he can move on...