March 24, 2006

Book recommendation from A Simple Jew

Book recommendation by A Simple Jew

Drop by his site and read all about it. While you're there, browse a great blog by a very heimish man.

Thanks ASJ! I look forward to reading it.

As for me, I am now reading the following... CLICK HERE

From the publishers website:

"An in-depth look at the halachos that are incumbent upon a Kohen--from theory to practical applications. Non-Kohanim will benefit from the chapters on the mitzvah of honoring a kohen, who is a kohen, and how to aid a kohen in avoiding tumas meis. Contains photographs, diagrams, and measures, as well as a glossary of terms. "

My take on this book? The Kohen's handbook starts off on a very basic level, then dives head first into the complex halachos of tumos and teharos for Kohanim. Not easy stuff. I try and dig in on Shabbos, but unfortunately find myself drifting off into dream land. It is probably me and my lack of sleep. A book like this in english is very necessary and I applaud the author and publisher for releasing it.

I will try and discuss the other books in my "Kohain Library" as I get to them.

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