March 21, 2006

Could this mean war in the Old City?

I just saw this on the Netflix site. It is the plot line for the movie USHPIZIN.

"Shot on location in Jerusalem with the support of the local population, this lighthearted film documents a week in the life of Moshe (well-known Israeli actor Shuli Rand) and Male, two recently converted orthodox Jews who receive a large sum of money and prepare for a lavish Sukkot feast. But the pair of ushpizin (the Hebrew word for Armenian) dinner guests who turn up on their doorstep aren't prepared to accept Moshe's new lifestyle. "

Also, note the term "recently converted."

Hee hee.


Neshama said...

Hi, I love the picture. Is it a photoshop special?

After much reluctance, I finally saw Ushpizin and found it hilariously Jewish. My reluctance was due to the lack of interesting advertising. The scene in the Succah did more for my health - via laughter. And the scenery made me so 'home sick' for Yerushalayim I felt very melancholy. It was a really great nostalgic viewing.

There must be some purpose to N.K. behaving as they do? Any responses?

Judah HaKohain said...

Yeah, my friend Dovid did the Photoshopping. Trust me, they'd never admit to being so far off the derech, even when Mashiach comes. I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to stone him to death.

What is their purpose to behaving so badly you ask? These people are nothing more than today's "erev rav." I am sure if we went back far enough, we would find their yichus faulty. No person with a Jewish soul, unless he was so far to the left that he was totally removed from all things Jewish, would endanger Jewish lives so nonchalantly. They openly embrace Hamas and Iran as well as other groups who want to wipe out Jews. It is only a matter of time before the ally themselves with the Neo-Nazis (and why not? Wasn't the Holocaust caused by Zionists? LOL)

In short, NK are Uncle Toms who yearn for the days of Jewish victimhood and relish religious masochism and national self-hatred. Their god is one of vengeance and loathing for the Jewish people. They cloak this disdain in "anti-Zionism" but their true ideology is evident.

They march under the banner of Chassidus and Orthodoxy, but they are much closer to left wing universalism. They claim to be "frum" yet they will not think twice about marching with women in shorts and tube-tops. Funny if it weren't so tragic.

FYI, my wife's family are Satmar Chassidim. The true Yiddische Neshomas I know are nothing like these people. It's one thing to be unhappy with the secular state of Israel, it's another to embrace those who actively pursue our harm.

The only answer for them is Cherem.