March 03, 2006

My dream last night

Last night I had an incredible dream.

I was in a B'nei Noach house of worship somewhere in southern California (it seemed to be in the suburbs where there were no Jews). I was wearing shorts, a t-shirt and no shoes. The B'nei Noach we dressed up in their finest black suits.

I realized that I was at a funeral. A body of one of the congregants lay in a coffin and the people mourned. Suddenly the body and the casket were removed and the funeral turned into a wedding. There was no bride or groom, but the congregants danced and sang with the most intense simcha. They joy was intoxicating.

I felt ashamed that I was not dressed properly for their holy, joyous celebration. Their leader was a man with a short beard and his hair was in a ponytail. He spoke elequant words of faith and the room was filled with crisp light.

I stole away not feeling worthy and I vowed that I would dedicate my life to spreading the word of Torah and B'nei Noach philosophy to the Gentiles.

I then awoke.

May the B'nei Noach be blessed in all their endeavors.


Elisheva said...

Initially I accepted your interpretation, and remembered how my efforts to try to do Noahide Law work was not supported by my fellow Jew. However, in light of current experiences, perhaps your dream has a different meaning.
It seems that the people you perceived to be Benei Noach might not have been!
Certainly, one must wonder why a Jew would feel unworthy in their presence, and why would they celebrate over a funeral? It sounds more like New Orleans and the dancing funerals they have.
As we are discovering that many of the so-called Benei Noach are really Xtians with ulterior motives.
You might wish to re-cnsider your hecksher on the Vendyl Jones program.
Consider, for example, Jim Long and his Lightcatcher Production business.
These are his "selected" links, all heavily Xtian and/or openly heretical. You will find this sort of material right under the surface of all the Vendyl Jones / Noahide Council folks, Brit Am, etc.
In Faith, Elisheva
We have chosen these sites because they often play a role in the books and documentaries we write and produce.
Website on Edenic (Biblical Hebrew) as the original language:
This has these links:
Root and Branch Association, Ltd.
Ancient Hebrew Research Center
Lightcatcher Books and Productions
- The Ancient Hebrew Reseach Center is absolutely Xtian.- They openly declare that rabbinic Judaism is irrelevant to their "interpretation" of the bible! - and are openly hostile towards Jews and Judaism.
Features a selection of essays sharing very important ideas and understandings about the time we are living through:
Problems with site content.
The Authentic Annals of the Early Hebrews – Also known as The Book of Jasher:
- Whether this is a Mormon book, or other unaccepted source, Jim Long is using it as reliable. It is not.
Bible Code News offer a forum for greater understanding by all humans on the Ancient Codes embedded in the Bible.
Roy Reinhold - Founder: Bible Codes USA Click here to SEE Barry's Presentation - To this end I am pleased to present Bible Code News, a global forum for sharing unusual information - facts, concepts, possibilities, and speculations intended to foster deeper human inquiry in an environment free from all forms of coercion. Robert McCoy -
We are told: Besides codes research in the Hebrew masoretic text, Roy was part of a team investigating the Greek New Testament for valid codes, and lately in the Peshitta Aramaic NT.
That's right, the "New" testament!.
- This material is discredited, and not kosher. The author indicates an intent to "be free" of constraints, and that means Torah and Rabbinic Judaism!
You will note that they include Jim Long:
Jim Long - Author: The Riddle of the Exodus

Judah HaKohain said...

Elisheva: Wow. I will totally look into this. I appreciate your comments and hope others will chime in.

Were you B'nei Noach or did you work with them?