March 13, 2006

Iran to give up nuclear weapon ambitions!

"I was being a total jerk-face," declared Amnadja... Aminadj... Ahmindaj... the President of Iran. "My doctor switched me from Zoloft to Welbutrin and I was literally freaking out. I actually hallucinated and thought I was the Mahdi! That plus, my wives were on the same cycle and well, you know how that is! It was a bad scene. But they are all dead now, so no harm no foul. My apologies to the Jewish nation. I hope we can all live in peace."

Reaction was swift:

"This is nothing more than a Zionist plot!" - Hamas

"This is nothing more than a Zionist plot" - Neturei Karta

Have a happy Purim!

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Neshama said...

Hey, why don't the give some of that 'stuff' to Olmert!?
Thanks, enjoyed your post.

A Frielichin Purim!!!!!!!!!