September 03, 2007


Remnants of the Second Temple Being Destroyed by Islamic Wakf

( A large trench being dug on the Temple Mount is destroying a never before uncovered section of the outer wall of the Second Temple. The construction is being supervised by the Wakf—the Muslim Authority acting as custodians to the Temple Mount.

Archeologists have been calling for construction to halt on the trench, which is approximately 1,300 feet long and five feet deep. The Wakf claims the trench is being dug to replace 40-year-old electrical cables for nearby mosques.

New photos of construction debris from the Temple Mount show carved stones casually dumped in a pile that appear to be a section of the outer wall of the Second Temple, according to archaeologist Eilat Mazar.

According to Rabbi Chaim Richman, International Director of the Temple Institute, the Wakf is intentionally digging in areas where "undoubtedly the Temple once stood." "For the first time since the Temple's destruction, a section of the Temple Wall itself has been exposed," Richman said. "And the Wakf under the guise of laying down electrical pipes has dug a trench, destroying the most important holy artifact ever found to date."

Richman contends that the Temple remains are being "purposely destroyed with no supervision," calling the government's tolerance of the construction "complicit cooperation."

According to a report by WorldNetDaily, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert personally gave permission for bulldozers, steam shovels and other heavy equipment to be used to dig the trench.

"This is an extraordinarily serious offense," Richman states. "A corrupt, spiritually bankrupt government is allowing Judaism's holiest site to be trashed because of political agreements to officially hand over the Temple Mount to the Palestinian Authority. Jews in Israel and abroad are asleep, and have not awakened to the importance of the Temple in Judaism or the desecration of this holy site being performed daily by the Wakf."

The Israel Antiquities Authority approved the construction despite archaeologists’ concern that precious artifacts are being destroyed. The Authority, which digs for religious artifacts across the State of Israel, has not inspected construction on Judaism's holiest site even once since the work began, despite continuous calls for the construction to be supervised and halted.

English spokesman for the Israeli Police, Mickey Rosenfeld asserts that the police stationed on the Temple Mount will not prevent the construction because the Antiquities Authority approved the dig.

The Wakf has denied that any Jewish artifacts have been discovered during the dig, but new photos of work on the Mount belie the claim, clearly showing what is likely to be an ancient piece of carved wall.

The wall in question is from the outer wall of the Temple itself, as opposed to the Western Wall, which is a remnant of the retaining wall around the larger Temple platform.

Mazar, a member of the faculty at Hebrew University and a member of the Public Committee for Prevention of the Destruction of Antiquities on the Temple Mount, says it is "crucial this wall is inspected." She explains that the current ground level of the Temple Mount is slightly above the original Temple Mount platform, “meaning anything found is likely from the Temple itself.”

Mazar insists that she must personally inspect the stones to confirm their status, and attempted to inspect the site last week. She was stopped by Israeli police who are protecting the construction.

"The only hope is for Jews and non-Jews from across the world to stand up and start putting pressure on the religious, political and archeological communities to immediately halt this process," Richman concludes. "The whole world is wondering what the Jews are doing, allowing their most precious site, the Holy of Holies to be destroyed right before their eyes."

I don't know what is more disgraceful: the chutzpah and hypocrisy of the Muslims or the complacency of the Jewish World. THE BEIS HAMIKDASH is being destroyed yet again IN OUR TIMES and no one is standing up! Imagine the outcry from the Islamic world if one of their precious shrines was even touched by a non-Muslim! Would you stand by if a family member was chas v'shalom being attacked? The Temple Mount is ours and ours alone. It is our heritage and our property, yet we sit by and shake out heads as it is being torn apart by our enemies.

You must speak out. You must write, email, call the knesset. You must take action! Do not sit in your comfy air conditioned shul on Rosh Hashana and call Hashem Melech as you did nothing while his palace is being torn to shreds.



Muslims caught red-handed destroying Temple artifacts

Archaeologists kept out as WND obtains photo of pulverized antiquities at Judaism's holiest site

By Aaron Klein

© 2007

JERUSALEM – Islamic authorities using heavy machinery to dig on the Temple Mount – Judaism's holiest site – have been caught red-handed destroying Temple-era antiquities and what's believed to be a section of an outer wall of the Second Jewish Temple.

WND today obtained a photograph of a massive trench the Waqf, the Muslim custodians of the Temple Mount, have been blasting around the periphery of the holy site purportedly to replace 40-year-old electrical cables for mosques on the Mount. The Waqf has steadfastly denied they found or destroyed any Jewish antiquities during their dig.

In view in the picture, which was obtained in conjunction with Israel's Temple Institute, are concrete slabs broken by Waqf bulldozers and what appears to be a chopped up carved stone from Jewish Temple-era antiquity.

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"Jerry" of Harrison, TN has this to say on the Arutz Sheva website comments section:

Where is your back bone, where is your honor to God?
Where is the backbone of the Israeli Government and her poeple? Why do you allow the temple mount to be destroyed and why do you give up and divide the land God has given you as a posession forever? In giving up land and making concessions to Muslims, you are dishonoring God and I am ashamed of your government for doing so. If your government is gifted with just half a brain, you will not give up any land but stand and fight. You are going to have to stand up the the Muslims so why not do it on your terms instead of on theirs. Millions of Americans are behind you and would come fight with you against them if you make a stand. We don't have to get permission from our government to come fight. We are decendants of Israel and don't like what is happening to God's people including ourselves. Lets make a stand! Trust God and claim the land God has given. God Bless. Jerry
Are we not ashamed at our inaction?


hey jude said...

Well, inaction was the right response. When professional archaeologists examined the rubble from the Waqf repairs, it turned out to be from the Byzantine era, not anything older. No signs of a Second Temple construction.
It is disturbing how archaeology is being manipulated for politic-religious struggle and propaganda. The Muslims did this over the tunnel and bridge; now they get it back in turn from Biblical archaeologists who jump to conclusions and sound false alarms.

Bar Kochba said...

I just did a post on the desecration of the Temple by the Wakf. Where is world Jewry?
Great site here. I'll link to you if you link to me.