March 01, 2008

"Palestinian" sheker

From Fox News:

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israeli troops turned heavy firepower on rocket squads bombarding southern Israel Saturday, killing 54 Palestinians in the deadliest day in Gaza since the current round of fighting erupted in 2000.

Two Israeli soldiers were killed and seven were wounded in the clashes, the military said.

The violence took a heavy toll on Gaza civilians. Moderate Palestinian leaders called the killings a "genocide" and threatened to call off peace talks.

"The response to these rockets can't be that harsh and heinous," said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. "It is nowadays described as a holocaust." [ed. bolding mine]

Here's MY response Mahmoud: Gey cocken afen yam.


Anonymous said...

For us English speaking gentiles, if " Gey cocken afen yam." means what I hope it does, I'll vote for that.

Judah HaKohain said...

For all my gentile friends: it means "go take a poop in the ocean."

How's THAT for a response?