September 07, 2006

Call to World Jewry: Have You Heard of the Iranian Threat?

Via Arutz Sheva

Sha'ul Schiff, veteran columnist for Israel's daily HaTzofeh newspaper, makes an impassioned plea to world Jewry to wake up to Iran's threat to destroy Israel.

Excerpts from Schiff's recent column:

"...Yes, I plead guilty to being slightly hysterical about the Iranian danger. [Here's why:] The problem with Iran is that its president, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, has declared, and continues to declare, openly in his speeches to his nation – and that's what's important – that his eyes are raised towards destroying the State of Israel... Iran, as is known, arms Hizbullah with advanced weapons and much money and trains its terrorists. But this is the small change.

"Iran is advancing with giant steps towards the manufacture of a nuclear bomb, and there are countries, among them Russia, that are helping Iran realize this dream - for money and for ideological (anti-Semitic) reasons. If an atom bomb is used against us, there won't be anyone left to demand a parliamentary commission of inquiry, nor to check why Israel did not take the necessary courageous steps against this evil.

"We experienced the dreadful Holocaust in which six million Jews were destroyed in this very generation – yet it appears that we have learned nothing. Warnings to the world by Rabbi Weissmandel and others during the Holocaust about what was happening to Hungarian Jewry went unanswered.

"We ask: Where is the entire Jewish leadership in the U.S. and Europe? Why is it not raising its voice all over the world, in all the Parliaments and all the governments, and recruiting public opinion against Ahmedinejad's insanity? ... On whom are they relying? On George Bush?!

"As of this moment, Iran is out-maneuvering the US, and does not appear very concerned about the sanctions threatened to be imposed upon her. And as far as Europe goes, let it be said as clearly as possible: Europe has largely remained the same Europe of the Holocaust period, and has no interest in clashing with Iran because of the Jews, and has so far done nothing more than pay lip service. And has anyone heard from the 'Holy See' on this matter? And does anyone think he can trust the wicked Kofi Annan (the one responsible for the mass murders in Rwanda)?

"Public opinion in the US has the ability to awaken public opinion in other continents; I wouldn't give up on the millions of Evangelicals in the US, and other friends of Israel wherever they are.

"Iran has coldly and clearly announced that it is working towards Israel's destruction – where are the masses of rabbis in the U.S. and Europe? Where are the children of Holocaust survivors? Are they trusting Amir Peretz, whose greatness we saw in the recent war? After all, under the influence of [his fellow Laborites], he wouldn't order any military action that might hurt innocent citizens in Tehran…

"Neither has any prominent academic or cultural personality in the West expressed any protest against Ahmedinejad's call to destroy Israel.

"Please, let us not sit with our hands folded. This is a genuine madman, backed by extremist religious Shiite leadership. As Rabbi Weissmandel wrote during the Holocaust, 'Our brother Jews, so accustomed to self-sacrifice, are not even sacrificing themselves to break down the gates of kings and ministers. Is there any real excuse for this?'"


RB said...

Come on Judah. Don't you know it's much more important to talk about Mel Gibson's opinion of the Jews than the Nazi in Iran? And let's not forget about Tom Cruise. Unfortunately, I think it will take another 9-11 (this time a nuclear attack perhaps) to awaken people from their idiotic states of denial. The only people whom seem to care are fundamentalist Christains. We Jews are too busy fighting for social justice and gun control to worry about our own survival. I wonder if Burkas come in different sizes.


josh said...

I'm preparing myself mentally to be ready to duck and cover if I chas v'shalom, witness a sudden complete power failure of all electrical items followed by a searing and blinding light. I hope to at least survive the first shock wave.

But I actually like the prophecy that something will miraculously hang in the sky.