September 14, 2006

My Nightmare Last Night

Last night I dreamt that Mashiach had been revealed and was a young lady. People came from all over to sit at her feet and soak in her wisdom. Then, quite suddenly, she started talking about "Anu and Anil" which were supposedly Canaanite gods. She was preaching avoda zara and praising the gods of the sun and the moon.

I was very upset and left. I knew the real redeemer was this other woman who radiated light and kedusha. I waited for her but she was late. I was then taken by a messenger to a building that was called "The Museum of the Middle East." I wanted to enter but the messenger said I was too late and then proceeded to walk in with the woman, the true redeemer who had finally shown up.

I was then walking back home when the sky became like dusk. It was overcast and ominous. The ground started to shake and I said: "It has begun" or something to that effect. Then the plants and bushes turned to maggots and worms and started devouring people who were in torturous pain. I knew that it was the beginning of the end.

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