September 08, 2006

Derrick Arthur Green - Baruch Dayan HaEmes

Proud contributor of the 2,996: A Tribute to the Victims of 9/11

It is with great honor that I post this memorial for a wonderful man who lost his life so tragically and needlessly.

I would like to introduce you to Derrick Arthur Green AKA "Pops."

Derrick lost his life on September 11, 2001.

The New York Times wrote this about Derrick:

Derrick Arthur Green: Dispenser of Joy

With a shake of a shoulder and a laugh, Pops could lift just about any spirit, in the Edenwald section of the Bronx or back home in Kingston, Jamaica. He would share a reggae song with his 12 godchildren, or with friends at the D&B Auto Repair and Diagnostic Center over a beer and a fish. His laughter even warmed 2 World Trade Center, where on the 85th floor he last practiced the drywaller's art.

Many in his wide circle never knew his name was Derrick Arthur Green. It was just Pops, the 44-year-old man whose reply to anger was to smile and say, in properly clipped Jamaican English, "Just leave that out, mon. Come, let's go." The next minute everyone was smiling.
He laughed away the rough patches of 10 immigrant years courting his wife, Melrose, settling in enough to marry in 1995 and make a life for them on Amundson Avenue. Weekend evenings, on visits with the family of his "second mother" — Cynthia Edwards, an old friend from his Jamaica days — he was likely at some point to jump up from his chair and, along with a favorite Bob Marley tape, sing: "One love, one heart. Let's get together and feel all right." And they always did.

Others had this to say about Pops:

I met Pops in 1977 on the job where one of his best friends Eddie was my co-worker. He was a true friend and a hard worker. Pops never had anything bad to say about anyone. When my mariage was falling apart Pops would visit me every Sunday to make sure I was o.k. I could not have had a better marriage counselor. He was a true friend and he will be missed by everyone whose lives he had touched. My condolences to his wife and mother and the rest of his family. I know that I will never be able to come to terms with the fact that I will never hear his voice again or the sound of his laughter. God bless you Pops for all that you have done for me.

Patricia Wright (Springfield Garden, NY )

Uncle Pops was what i called him, he was a man of fun and games. My brother was his first godson and he used to always take us shopping even when our mother told him not to. He loved us as if we were his own. From what I remember of him I never saw him get angry, I never heard him say no to us (which was a good thing in our eyes). I miss him and may God bless him and his family. I love you Uncle Pops. Rest in Peace.

Shari (Ft. Lauderdale, FL )

I remember "Pops" as a great friend someone who loved to laugh. The most patient, kind, giving, generous person I have ever known, the one thing everyone who knew POPS can attest to is that he gave of himself, sometimes to much, we thought, but that was just him. My son was his first Godson, and he loved him dearly along with the other children. He would spoil them, despite my protest, he would always say "They are kids let them enjoy themselves man. I still have not been able to remove his numbers from my phone book, because I guess that would really bring the point home that he is actually gone, and I guess I am not ready to let go and forget. For the Twenty-three years I knew you, you were always a true friend, the legacy you have left behind will live on forever. REST IN PEACE BROTHER......

Sharon (FL )

Pops, I don't know if you were Jewish, Christian or Muslim. I don't know if you were rich or poor, tall or short. All I know is you were my brother, a fellow American and human being who did not need to forfeit his life.

The world became dark on that tragic morning. It was hijacked by people who value death over life and hatred over peace. They set out knowingly and willingly to murder innocents like yourself, but know this... you did not die in vain. Your good deeds and pleasant countenance continue on after you and you are remembered for a blessing.

May Hashem lift your soul to the highest of heavens and may you find rest and peace.


Anonymous said...

Your piece will be read on the 9-11 tribute show.

Go to and click on the page for 9-11 tribute and you will be able to read about the show.

Thank you

yiddishe-kop said...

Touching tribute. Thanks for sharing his story with us, and for making him more than just a name and number.

kateandjona said...

Thank you for sharing "Pops"!

Jonathon's Closet remembers Robert Levine.

Kathie said...

Thank you for sharing "Pops" with us. I keep saying this over and over again, but I do mean it with all my heart: it's so nice to read these tributes to those who have perished 9/11/01. It helps to know each one on a more personal level even if that evokes deep feelings of sadness -- I'd rather feel sadness than nothing at all when I remember those who we've left behind.

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