September 20, 2006

Toeiva! Respect the Holy City!

Jerusalem's gay pride parade to be held November 10

Jerusalem's gay pride parade will take place on November 10, a High Court panel ruled Monday.The panel was headed by Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch and also included Justices Dvorah Berliner and Miriam Naor. The parade, which had been set for early August, was postponed due to the Lebanon war.

The organization planning the parade, Open House, suggested to police six dates for the parade, all of them before Rosh Hashana. Police did not respond to its petitions, effectively supplying a "negative response de facto" according to the group. Open House then petitioned police to force it to provide security for the parade, and the City of Jerusalem to advertise it in road signs at the city's entrance and on the city's website.

Me: Suggestions wanted as to how we can combat this. Jews, Christians and Muslims should be united on this point and speak out. Help save the Holy City from desecration!

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