September 28, 2006

Protect the Temple Mount!

Sign the petition: From One Jerusalem

"In light of the Waqf Authority's recent alarming destruction of the Temple Mount, the Editors of One Jerusalem urge you to sign this important petition. We're presenting this petition to US President George W. Bush, Israel's PM Ehud Olmert and others. Thank you!"


Preserve the Temple Mount

For a decade, Muslim religious authorities have participated in the destruction and elimination of precious Jewish and Christian artifacts on the site of Solomon's Temple, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Thousands of tons of earth, containing archaeological evidence dating back to the period of the Temple of Solomon, were discarded. Among the 'rubble' were ancient seals from a Priestly family, inscribed pottery fragments in Ancient Hebrew, Alter screens and broken columns from a fourth century Byzantine Church.

Since the year 2000, the Muslim religious authority – the Waqf - has blocked all archaeological oversight of the Temple Mount.

Meanwhile, the Waqf continues to construct Mosques on the sacred sites of Jews and Christians.

We believe the international and Israeli media should have unrestricted access to the Temple Mount.

We believe the world-respected Israeli Antiquities Authority be empowered to supervise the day to day activities on the Temple Mount.

Currently, the Waqf forbids any non-Muslim entrance, except on a selective and very limited basis. For instance, the Waqf does not give any observers access inside the vast subterranean rooms, from which many antiquities have been removed.

We demand the preservation and respect of the Temple Mount. Only full access and complete transparency for all parts of the Temple Mount can prevent further abuse and destruction of this site which has been venerated throughout history.

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