December 19, 2005

A Chanukah Wish...

What is Chanukah?
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Chanukah means "dedication." The Temple was cleansed and rededicated on this holiday. How will you be celebrating this miracle? Dreidel? Gifts? Latkes?

Perhaps there's more we, the Children of Aharon and Levi, could be doing. I therefore call upon all Kohanim and Leviim to dedicate (or rededicate) themselves to the Halachos of Kodshim (holy objects), Taharos (purity) and Avodah (Temple Service).

With all of the events unfolding in the world, it seems even more pressing that we dedicate ourselves to this knowledge.

Excerpts of a letter by the Chofetz Chaim (Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagen HaKohain):

…Presently it is difficult to find Kohanim who know the laws and practices of the Temple Service fully. How disheartening and embarrassing. It sadly indicates that our prayers for the Temple and the Service are merely lip service, not real or heartfelt. For if we really desired it to come, we would prepare and make ready for it.

Therefore my brothers, it is incumbent upon us to…further the knowledge of the Temple and its Service. Particularly the Kohanim and the Levites, who are most directly involved in this Torah Mitzvah, for they will be the first to be asked, “why didn’t you prepare for the Temple Service?”

Will you heed the call?

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