December 11, 2005

Now THAT's Funny!

Palestinian Authority Claims Western Wall is Moslem Property

The Palestinian Authority’s Office for Religious Affairs claims that the Western Wall, revered by Jews for generations as the last structural remnant of the Second Holy Temple, is Moslem property.

The PA office claims Moslem ownership of the Western Wall by referring to the wall on its website as the Al-Boraq Wall. According to Moselm legend, the wall is the place where Mohammed parked his horse, named Boraq, before ascending to heaven.

Moslem tradition holds that Mohammed rose to heaven from the Temple Mount, though that idea is not mentioned anywhere in the Koran, the central text of the Moslem faith.

The Palestinian Authority’s official website, echoing the claims of its religious affairs office, also attempts to negate Jewish ownership of the Western Wall.

The PA contends that Israeli archeological digs near the site of the Western Wall, also commonly known as the Wailing Wall, “totally failed to find any proof that support their false claims” to the Wall.

Read the rest of ther mishegas HERE

Me: No comment except for the fact that once again this proves that we are dealing with revisionist liars who have no grasp of reality. But hey, let's keep negotiating!

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Real World Observer said...

Nothing personal but isn't it spelled "muslim"?

But in all seriousness, Arabs and Jews should stop this madness. Even the Chinese and the Japanese get along better than you guys!